Golarion Calender in Korvosa

Abadius (Winter)
31 days
*Full Moon ‘Longnight’ (Abadar worshippers defy the long winter days by staying up all night to greet the dawn)
*22nd ‘Crystalhue’ (Winter Solstice. Shelyn Worshippers. Day of Artistic Creation. Also celebrated by proposals and courtship.)
*———‘Ritual of Stardust’ (Summer Solstice. Desna/Varisians- A Night of Song and Merrymaking themed with throwing colored sand and powdered Gems into bonfires. Oaths of Friendships and Love are made.)

Calistril (Winter)
28 days
*2nd ‘Merrymead’ (Commemorates coming Spring with distribution of last of previous season’s alcohol)
*16th ‘King Eodred II’s Birthday’ (by Royal decree celebrants are served wine by scantily clad dancing girls)
*19th ‘Loyalty Day’ (Celebrated by select noble houses allied with Cheliax- commemorates the signing of the Treaty of Egorian and the beginning of The House of Thrune’s Rule in Cheliax)

  • ‘Leap Day’ (added every 8 years for calender accuracy)

Pharast (Spring)
31 days
5th ‘Day of Bones’ (Pharasma Holy Day marked by a parade of recent dead in a procession to be interned for free)
6th ‘Sable Company Founding Day’ (Formal celebration with a parade and displays of martial prowess. Somber non-drinking holiday.)
6th- Death of King Eodred.II/Party Killed Gaedran Lamm
8th Attacked Grang’s Mortuary
10th- Into the Sewers after The Rogue Dragonsclaws
11th- Oathday…all the royalty swore fealty to Queen Ileosa, theough there is still talk that there are those who would see her overthrown..
12th-Take down Orem Menach The Smuggler.
13th-Become Agents for Cressida Kroft and met The King of Spiders
14th-Rescued Trinia Sabor and took down the Skullcrackers Fight Club
15th- The Dead Warrens (Currrent Day)
18th-Attempted Coup by Sable Company. Trinia is rescued by Blackjack.
19th-The Ship The Direption is sunk in the Jeggare River on approach in the shadows of Night to Korvosa’s docks.
20th-The Shoanti Leave Trails End and a Virulent disease is discovered in Korvosa.
21st-Help Trinia Sabor flee Korvosa.
22nd-Discover That Dr Davalaus has been named Queens Physician and given fealty to handle the Crowns affairs with dealing with the Plague*.—-Current Day
Gozran (Spring)
30 days
*7th ‘Currentseve’ (Gozreh Holy Day marked by sailors and fisherfolk praying for safe passage for the year.)
*15th ‘Taxfest’ (Abadar Holy Day. Clerics accompany Royal Tax Collectors on their rounds and afterwards host a public feast for all citizens)
*22nd ‘Firstbloom’ (Vernal Equinox ‘Gozreh’, celebrates the coming spring with dancing and courting)

Desnus (Spring)
31 days
*Last Sunday of Desnus ‘Breaching Festival’ (Holiday and contest to try and break into the Acadamae)

Sarenith (Summer)
30 days
*3rd ‘Day of Destiny’ (Held to be the day that Emperor Halleck IV of Cheliax signed the Charter that eventually actually became Korvosa. Lots of drinking and toasting)
*10th ‘Burning Blades’ (Saranrae Holy Day. Celebrated with displays of swordsmanship and with Burning Blades.)
*22nd ‘Riverwind Festival’ (Typically the winds shift for a few weeks bringing down cool mountain air from the Mindspin Mountains abating the stifling heat of summer…celebrated with drinking)

Erastus (Summer)
31 days
*14th ‘Founding Festival’ (Celebrating the Founding of The City. The Wildest Parties and festivities occur on the anniversary of it’s founding with Alcohol, Fireworks, Displays of Magical Prowess until the wee hours of the next morn)
*22nd ‘Ritual of Stardust’ (Summer Solstice. Desna/Varisians- A Night of Song and Merrymaking themed with throwing colored sand and powdered Gems into bonfires. Oaths of Friendships and Love are made.)
*——-‘Sunwrought Festival’ (Saranrae worshippers- fireworks, gift giving and a reenactment of Saranrae’s victory over Rovagug)

Arodus (Summer)
31 days
*31st ‘Saint Alika’s Birthday’ (more a time of reflection than an excuse to party. Celebrated with red and white flowers and platefuls of Alikan Oysters.

Rova (Fall)
30 days
*First Wealday (Wed) ‘Crabfest’ (Seasonal Migration of Crabs to the cooler waters of the Jeggare River’s mouth is celebrated with great feasts of Crab.)
*Second Oathday (Thurs) ‘Signing Day’ (Celebrated by select noble houses allied with Cheliax- Marks the day the nations broke from Taldor)

Lamashan (Fall)
31 days
*Second Moonday (Mon) ‘Harvest Fest’ (Celebrates the Harvest and the the end of field work for the year)
*22nd ‘Swallowtail Festival’ (Autumnal Equinox. Desna/Varisians. Storytelling and public release of a wagonfull of butterflies)

Neth (Fall)
30 days
*13th ‘Great Fire Remembrance’ (Somber and Quiet, this holiday shuts down the city. Most people stay at home and by tradition No one lights a fire from dawn on the 13th to dawn on the 14th)
*14th ‘Even-Tongued Day’ (Celebrated by select noble houses allied with Cheliax- celebrates Cheliax’s freedom from Taldor)

Kuthona (Winter)
31 days
*7th ‘Psuedodragon Festival’ (The sky is alive with the meeting of the city bound little dragons with their wild cousins who migrate from the Mindspin Mountains to near by wintering habitats. Much drinking and enjoying the spectacle)
*Second week from Sunday to Starday (Sat) ‘Winter Week’ (Traditional Fest. Courting and spending time with friends.)
*31st ‘Night of the Pale’ (Night of Morbid Revelry as people wait inside for the spirits of last years dead to pass by.) )

Golarion Calender in Korvosa

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