The Road To The Crimson Throne

Seven Days To The Grave: The Beast is The Lair

or The Riddle of The Dreadmanse of Porphyria

Moving to The area of East Shore that is frequented by ladies of ill repute, near the old Derelict House of House Porphyria, The Party stumbles across the Slayer of The Prostitutes and solves one of the major crimes plaguing the city recently. Gentleman Jimmy Gems, it seems had become rather unstable and taken to grabbing ladies of the night off the streets and torturing them in the abandoned guard tower.

He nearly escaped but the party managed to stop him as well as fend off another attack by the Red Mantis in the form of two Martial Artist Assassins who approached as Mimes.

With the danger averted, the party made their way to House Porphyria’s abandoned Manor and after shaking off several haunts, and illusions put there by the Manor House itself solved the riddle of both the Ehrenroods, and who was behind the Fight Club killing Korvosan Guard Officers.

The Ehrenroods were produced by enchanting branches from a tree that is part of the Dreadmanses Grounds. The Dreadmanse it seems was the product of an enchantment placed on the manor to give it pusedo-sentience in order to protect The families of House Porphyria. During the Cousins War, House Arabasti raided the home and killed all they could find of House Porhyria, including the children. This drove the sentience mad and over the years it has gained more and more power so that now it can exert influence over a few hundred yard radius around it.

General Krakon had approached the Manse and recruited it to help undermine the defenses of Korvosa, and promises of restoring the power of House Porphyria.

The party in entering the grounds entered into a moral and ethical discussion with the manse, convincing it that hurting others was no different than what House Arabasti did…and the Manse now views the party as an ally.

Sessions Experience: 1250 Each. Current total: 25998 Next Level: 35000


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