Zellara's Harrow Deck

What looks like an well crafted Harrow Deck of a Varisian Fortune Teller, Radiates Strong Divination Magic


Zellara’s Harrow Deck
Aura: Moderate Divination
Caster level: 11th
Weight: 1/2 lb
This well made set of Varisian Harrow Cards, wrapped in a silk scarf and inside a Teak Box holds the normal 52 cards plus 1 card displaying a Varisian Fortune Teller that bears a striking resemblance to the former owner. Zellara. The back of cards are old and worn and gilt in silver so that under the light they sparkle when shuffled. The faces of the cards are so vibrant that they seem to shift and move as they are viewed. The deck itsel handles with surprising ease, almost shifting beneath the readers hands of their own accord.. A Bent, torn, or lost card always seems to repair itself or reappear before the next shuffle.

The Deck is masterwork, adding a +2 to any Performance: Fortune Telling checks.

In addition the following spells maybe utilized by the bearer of the deck. Identify 3xday , Bless 1xday. Legend Lore 1xweek. Besides this 1x week per person Bonded to the deck (Kizziar, Aldlara, Jalumm, and Gideon) a reading can be performed that provides a limited use Hero Point when dealing with a certain situation.

Of Importance to note- these powers are linked to the spirit of Zellara who Haunts the deck. She can suppress the powers of the deck if the special purpose of the deck is not adhered to. This purpose is the Defense of Korvosa, her home.

Production: Craft Wonderous item, Be of Varisian Heritage and have up to 6 people specified in ritual that can be bonded to deck. Legend Lore.


Zellara's Harrow Deck

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