Brooch of Arcane Bonding

A Brooch made of Gold, Ruby, Jade and Garnet with and Imp and a Psuedo-Dragon in opposition in a classic Yin-Yang style


Brooch of Arcane Bonding
Aura Moderate Conjuration
Caster Level: 7th

A Brooch of Arcane Bonding provides the ability to bond with a familiar even if the character could not normally do so. When a Brooch is created the animals that may be bonded are defined by the images upon the brooch. in This case either an Imp or a Psuedo-Dragon.

The Bond performs as The ‘Familiar’ ability defined in the Wizard class area with the characters level equaling The Wizards Level.

Loss of The Brooch means The Familiar will leave and the ability is lost.

Craft Wondrous Item, Ability to Have a Familiar and Summon Monster IV


Brooch of Arcane Bonding

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