The Road To The Crimson Throne

Seven days to The Grave

Its a Deadman's Party

the party made haste to head to the Carowyn estate in south Shore seeing less signs of the plague heading into this area. They passed The Green Market in south Shore, home of Zeeva Foxglove a reputed practitioner of witchraft, and saw unsettling signs outside the market hall. A rabble was pacing back and forth in front of the entrance bearing signs saying things like ‘Begone Witch’ ‘Witch=Plague’

leaving that for now, they made it to The manor to find many bodies hung up in masquerade, in the trees around the estate.

Entering they found zombies galore all dressed as party goers and still performing macabre tasks such as dancing or looking at fine art.

behind this was an apprentice of Rolth, The Necromancer, who they later identified as Jolistina Suspiro. She dressed as a clown to get access and then proceeded to slay the party attendees with plague tipped crossbow bolts which that had an additional effect of transforming the newly slain to zombies and bearers of the plague. They managed to slay jolistina, destroy the zombies and rescue the lone survivor, a teenager named Ausio Carowyn……and obtained a large sample of this new Zombie plague which was a derivative of Blood Veil

Sessions Experience: 2450 each. Total:18,534 Next Level: 23,000


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