The Road To The Crimson Throne

Edge of Anarchy: The Old Fishery

The Parade ending, Each of the group…The Addict turned Priestess Aldlara, The Aspiring Hellknight Kizziar, The Demonic Sorcerer Jalumm. and The Down on his luck Guardsman Gideon, each received a Harrow Card with a message to meet another who had reason to hate Gaedran Lamm at 3 Lancet Street in The West Dock Ward of Midland after dark.

With the sun setting the individuals made their way There to find it was the residence/shop of a very well to do Fortune Teller, Zellara. At First she was absent leaving behind a welcoming well lit home with wine and bread set out. As the party gathered a few moments of getting to know each other occurred before Zellara came downstairs to tell of a tale where her Harrow Deck had been stolen by Gaedran Lamm’s goons and her son had retrieved it earning Lamms Wrath. A few days later Her son had been upducted and when she sought information of his whereabouts from the Korvosan Guard, Lamm had sent her fingers in a box. She had gone to Lamm and begged to no avail and turned to magical means to find people to aid in her struggle….

Enter the party.

Hearing the information and after a short period of question and answer the group set out to where she said Lamm was hiding out currently, an Old Fishery in West Dock. Gathering gear and performing a recon they stood before a ramshackle building with some boarded up windows and doors and a scuttled ship tied to docks behind the Fishery.

They entered through the front door and what began in stealth quickly soured as The Mastiff, Bloo alerted to the parties entrance and Kizziar threw caution to the wind by firing his ‘Boom Stick’ in the confines of The Fishery. As the first of Lamms Lt’s, Giggles The Half-Orc Enforcer, made his presence known by slamming his flail into the priestess head, who fell beneath his blow. Kizziar saved her life by sacrificing one of his healing draughts to revive her. Giggles and Bloo were both down quickly. Jalumm The Sorcerer ran into the heart of the Fishery to discover his long lost daughter was one of Lamm’s Lambs, a Pick Pocket. The Second Lt, Hookshanks Grueller aka Hooky, The manager and trainer of The Lambs, was present and tried to turn the Lambs against the party. Jalumm used Magic to injure Hooky and dazzle some of the Lambs into unconsciousness with a blinding flash of brilliant light. During the confusion of the moment, The brainwashed daughter fled into the night. Aldlara charmed Hooky into calling off the Lambs and he lead the remaining children upstairs to await there fate….unbeknownst to the group…Hooky went and freed Yargin Hooky, and The remaining Lambs all fled the scene.

Meanwhile, The Guardsman Gideon, rescued a young woman who had been abducted to be Yargin’s plaything. Yargin was the 3rd Lt, The Chemist who made shivers for Lamm. Yargin was captured and the young woman rescued.

Finding a loading basket that could be used to descend to the dock below and then into Lamms residence, They found the waters of the Jeggare River had sharks….Fierce Jigsaw Sharks. One seemed to be haunting the shallow waters near The Fishery.

One by one they descended, and when thugs in Lamm’s employ discovered the group they had to move before Kizziar had descended. The Thugs fell quickly to spell and blade and Gideon ran to go after Lamm leaving Aldlara to face Lamm’s Pet, Gobblegut..The Alligator who promptly snapped her spear. Fortunately Lamm was hard-pressed by The Guardsman and called his Gator back to help him.

Kizziar slipped while descending and fellinto the basket and the weakened rops snapped on one side, dangling him into the water where the shark swam by sampling his flavor…

Kizziar’s Musket fell into the shallow water and sank to the bottom.

The party finally dispatched Lamm as Kizziar gained footing on the floating dock as the light rain became a heavy rain and a flash of lightning happened in the distance.

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