The Road To The Crimson Throne

Aldlara's List of Savored Stings, Volume One

In a small, black leather book, Aldlara keeps a ledger of slights against her, ensuring that no one who crosses her goes unpunished.

To Feel the Sting:

Gaedran Lamm: Tried to use me as a common informant, and then tried to kill me with his poisoned shiver when I refused to acquiesce. He’ll rue the day he crossed me. Gaedran Lamm sleeps with the sharks. It’s a shame I never got to shove his own product down his cowardly throat.

Kizziar Makoa: Within minutes of meeting this buffoon, he had the audacity to swipe my bottle of wine. Someone needs to teach him some table manners. I think I’ve shown him the error of his ways: I publicly spilled wine in his lap this evening. It serves him right: if he wanted it that badly, he surely wouldn’t mind wearing it.

Jalumm: This aberrant crossbreed needs to learn his place. I had ensnared a minion with Calistria’s power, and this fool threatened to ruin everything by trying to kill my thrall, in spite of my direct instructions to the contrary. I cannot let such insolence go unpunished.

Gideon Vosk: I’m not sure this one warrants one of the Wasp Queen’s comeuppance’s just yet, though he did seem to ignore me when we met at the fortune teller’s place. And with me in my most low cut dress! Perhaps he prefers the company of other men?


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