The Road To The Crimson Throne

Aldlara's Book of Sacred Stings, Volume II

Aldlara keeps a small, black leather book in which she maintains a list of those who have incited her wrath, and are deserving of retribution:

Jalumm: In addition to his insolence as we tried to apprehend Lamm and his compatriots, the boor had the audacity to try and force his way into my bed. Better men than he have paid a small fortune for that privilege, and he sought to simply declare himself as being deserving? Sure, he claimed to be only interested in sleeping, but we know how men are… and that’s without even taking into consideration the fiendish blood that surely runs hot in his veins.

I showed him, however… When it became clear that he would get no restful night in the same bed as mine, he relented, and slunk back to some other corner of Zallara’s house. Still, I sense that the ledger is not yet balanced, and that the sorcerer is yet to get what is due him.

Hooky: One of Lamm’s lackies. That, in and of itself, is deserving of the Wasp Queen’s harshest justice, but the gnome did not even have the decency to wait patiently for me to attend to him while we fought his other minions, nor to keep his young brats under some sort of control. He’ll regret running off before I was ready for him.

Yargin: Gideon found this degenerate as he was violating a young girl, Leslie. Callistria surely knows no greater affront than to take her greatest gift, and defile it through force and coercion. No place in Korvosa is safe for this man. He’ll beg me for permission to die.


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