Warriors in Korvosa

The most common skill found in Korvosa is Swordplay. The City was built on wresting control from Shoanti who were guarding a site Sacred to their people, and wars both external and internal have been fought to see who can rule the strategic site where The Jeggare River meets Conquerors Bay.

Is it any wonder that the Fighting Man is built up and holds a place of prestige in the City?

A) The Military In Korvosa

The Great Tower of The Heights rising 270 feet in their air at the seaward side of the The Alika Straights, on the Mainland, houses Sable Company. The Elite Hippogriff Riding Marines of Korvosa. One enters the Great Tower by climbing the ramp to the 3rd floor or by flying into one of the Hiippogriff Aviaries on the top three floors from which the patrols launch. The Tower is reputed to be protected against scrying and the surface is made from Black Marble. It is also reputed that The Construction of the Tower was supervised by an Engineer from Far off Alkenstar under Queen Dominia’s reign. A Branch of The Endrin Military Academy occupies Floors 2 and 6 of the Great Tower. This is the home to roughly 200 Sable Company Marines, about 2/3rds the Company. The other Third is within Castle Korvosa. The Commandant, Marcus Thalassinus Endrin, who serves the Crown and answers however to The Seneschal, (Neolandus Kalepopolis) of Csstle Korvosa. This arrangement insures Sable Company has the right to oppose a Tyrannical Ruler.

Citadel Volshyeneck, Home of The Korvosan Guard, Named after the Leader of House Ornelos who was instrumental in saving Korvosa form The Shoanti with his great Magical Prowess. The Citadel sits in Midland near High Bridge, where it crosses The Headwaters of The Jeggare to East Shore. Field Marshal Cressida Kroft here and is always loyal to the Crown, appointed by the rightful ruler of Korvosa. However, The Guard is funded greatly by The Church of Abadar and because of this, The Field Marshal cannot be removed except with the agreement of the Archbanker, Daub Tuttle. Thw Korvosan Guard is the Largest Military Force in Varisia, and as such The Field Marshal wields considerable power. By Law, The Field Marshal even has the authority to disobey a decree by the monarchy if the decree would be harmful to the citizens of Korvosa or violate violates the laws of the the city. If The Field Marshal takes thisa action, in must be reported within 24 hours, in writing to the Archbanker, who decides whether to remove the Field Marshal from office on the spot.

Citadel Vraid, home to the Hellknight Order of The Nail, sits 1 days ride by wagon, South West of the City in the rocky hill country serving as a border into Southern Varisian. Lichtor Severs ‘Boneclaw’ DiVri serves Wealthy Influences within the City. Money is their only loyalty, though they are nerve wrackingly Lawful. Whenever requested The Lichtor and the nobles agree on a price for his services and he sends the forces requested. He works hand in hand with the Korvosan Guard for normal patrols.

B) Places to Study for Warriors

Orsini Academy in Old Korvosa is reputed to be the finest school for Swordplay this side of The Aldori. Vencarlo Orsini, an older gentleman’s gentleman who always wears white linen outfits runs the school but rarely teaches any longer age having taken its toll. He walks with a limp and uses a cane to stay on his feet. One of his Master Students turned instructor, Dengaro, performs the day to day teachings.

Endrin Military Academy, also found in Old Korvosa, has white washed barracks for those wanting to join either the Guard or Sable Company. Foul Mouthed Drill Instructors turn Commoners into Warriors. Warriors Into Fighters. And Fighters Into Rangers. Its secondary purpose is to train Junior Officers of The Korvosan Guard to act as liaisons between the two groups. Priests and Inquisitors of Abadar also receive training on how to work within a patrol to further mesh the cohesive defense of the city.

C) Arms

One of the 15 shops along Eodreds Walk In Midland is called Slicing Dicers and sells/makes all manner of bladed weapons, even Exotic Swords and blades.

Another of the shops in Eodreds Walk is called Trapper’s Hole abd bsides carrying all manner of hunting/trapping supplies also carries all manner of Bow and arrow, including Crossbows.

Finally an odd shop has recently opened by two unusual partners. A Gnome Craftsman and a Hobgoblin Gunslinger. They have learned the art of Gunsmithing from far off Alkenstar. The Hobgoblin and The Gnome seem to be best friends and keep what they do there very very private. The Name of the shop is called The Loud Noise and Sudden Drop.

D) Armor

The Ironworks is The Enclave of Dwarven Smithies who serve the crown and Janderhoff, producing both arms and armor of every metal. The Craftsmanship is above reproach.

E)Drinking Establishments known for off duty Guardsmen

East Shore has Shoreline Drinkall, open 24 hours a day and the predominate patron is an off duty guardsman. Korvosan Guard Officers have a booth reserved just for them. It is a rough and ready establishment catering to Longshoreman as well, though its even common enough to find aristocrats meeting here to discuss business away from the hustle and bustle of Korvosa Proper.
The Tavern is owned and run by House Endrin and has a reputation for fair service and fair prices. It is one of the few establishments that does not discriminate against Shoanti nor Varisian. The food is relatively bland but never spoiled. It is rumored that if one was trying to connect with The Pathfinders this is where they would come.

West Dock has Bailer’s Retreat, a very rough Tavern in one of the nastiest neighborhoods in Korvosa, but a very short distance from The Home of The Korvosan Guard so it is frequented by off duty guardsmen. Unfortunately, criminals also are plentiful here and as such brawls are fairly commonplace. This is an excellent place to hear rumors of the goings on in Midland and East Shore.

Warriors in Korvosa

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