The Underworld in Korvosa

There is a very active Underworld in Korvosa. From Street Gangs to The Sczarni, to The Varisian Organized Crime Cartel, and to The Cerulean Society, Korvosa’s Ogranized Thieve’s Guild. Numerous localized Crime Lords also abound. Powerful figures who set themselves up as ’ruler’s’ of a local area.

The Most powerful figure of The Underworld is Guildmaster Boule. He is The Master of The Cerulean Society, though rumors abound concerning who is the power behind the Guild, make no mistake Boule is in charge of it. He is a rather large imposing man. Boule is noted for his bad temper and iron fist discipline. He’s a bad drunk with a strong desire for the mild stimulant from The Storval Plateau, Qat.

The Cerulean Society is the only ‘Guild’ allowed in Korvosa, the city with fierce monopoly laws that forbid Guilds and their price setting ways. It monitors and regulates thievery in the city, targeting only those who the Crown and The Nobles allow. They have a very strong protection racket as well as drug trade. They are not an Assassins Guild nor do they traffic in Prostitution. However, any crime that goes on they get a cut from the take. with one noteable exception—-

The Sczarni. Only In East Shore and the two small communities of Trails End and Thief Camp do we find The Sczarni in any semblance of real power. Across the bridges they walk softly, though whenever possible they strike a blow against the Cerulean Society. They stay away from open conflict as The Hellknights, tolerate the Society but openly despise The Szcarni, as it harkens back to the old ways.

Gemshare Jeweler’s in Eodred’s Walk of The Slope Ward of Midland, run by a pair of brothers who only recently opened shop, have quickly gained a reputation for a place you can sell gems and jewelry. (as well as buy the same)

The Dock Trade in Mainshore Ward of North Point is one of the seediest locations in Korvosa. Every shop in this bazaar has connections to one criminal organization or another…Anything illegal, can be purchased here…Hellknights regularly patrol it looking for some proof of wrong doing, any proof to haul someone in for crimes against the state…

Eel’s End in Old Korvosa’s Old Dock Ward, is The Home and business of Devargo Barvasi aka The King of Spiders. Barvasi is a Criminal Mastermind outside the laws of Korvosa and The Cerulean Society. He lives on a wharf where 5 ships are tied off to, which can set sail if the Guard or Hellknights were daring enough to raid the place. Each ship runs part of Barvasi’s business. The Goldenhawk, a flophouse catering to those that need a place to ‘sleep it off’…only to wake to temptation nearby. The Twin Tigers, a Raucous Gambling Ship. The House of Clouds, A Brothel catering to every perverse soul.The Dragon’s Breath, A Drug Den. Finally his own Private Vessel, Eel’s End is a decommissioned Warship that is well guarded and serves as the headquarters for his illegal activities. The Wharf is well guarded by Made men in Barvasi’s employ.

Gaedran Lamm, Is the Criminal Mastermind of Midland’s West Dock Ward. He rules this Ward with subterfuge and bribes. His Lambs, abused and captive Orphans who serve only to please the financial as well as deprave needs of Their master. he moves around from one abandoned building to the next as his whim allows. He has Protection Rackets, Drug selling Business as well as all manner of cons and sleight of hand crimes.

The Catsdew Lofties are a band of 2nd story criminals that are entirely female. They run The Burglary racket in the Shingles of Korvosa. They Pride themselves in avoiding conflict.

The Dusters of Trails End, Thieves Camp, and East Shore are a Sczarni Sponsored band of Thugs who all wear signature full length Dusters and hats to ward off the sun. They are ran by a Shoanti Bully named Krynndor Thok, though his girlfriend Marlessa, cousin of the Sczarni Capo is really the power behind this strong gang of toughs. They have a Protection racket, Extortion and robbery that brings them fame and fortune. Their reputation keeps even the Guard and Hellknights at bay without strong numbers to back them up.

The Rats Teat Boys of Old Korvosa, a band of skulking thieves sometimes ply Mainshore and West Dock as they desire. They know the sewers well and many a newcomer has vanished without a trace to their blades.

The Ironsoots, a secretive Guild of Dwarven Metalsmiths that break the law of forming a guild to protect their own. Based out of the The ironworks of Old Korvosa, The Dwarven Rogue Baris Trenchlow, a master smith of his own accord, leads the Ironsoots.

The Infamous Red Mantis have a small band Headquartered in South Shore. They have a mad desire to stop by any means the workings of House Arkona, for whatever reason…they are not telling. But it is also here one would go if they wanted someone slain….

The Dragonsclaws are a small-time band of petty criminals that lay claim to The area surrounding the Ampitheater. Their Leader is Marna, a beautiful Rogue of no small skill.

The Drudgespades are a gang of petty criminals around Highbridge. Ersta Bedlid, a pickpocket of Chelaxian heritage is their leader.

The Crimson Medusa are a Gang of Highwaymen who make their home at The Crimson Cup and have ties to Robert redhand, owner of ‘The Cup’

The Underworld in Korvosa

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