The Noble Families of Korvosa

1. House Arabasti. The winner of The Cousins War, they took the Throne of Korvosa by Force. For a long time, The Arabasti’s sought to stay under the influence of Cheliax, trying to curry favor with the old Empire. King Eodred II however, has distanced The City from its homeland and sought to establish Korvosa as it’s own city state. House Arabasti lured the Hellknights, The Order of The Nail north, by funding the building of Citadel Vraid, half a days walk south west of the city. House Arabasti resides in Castle Korvosa. It is one of the original Dock Families.

with the passing of The Patriarch of House Arabasti, King Eodred Arabasti II, Queen Ileosa of Cheliax is his queen, and successor to The Arabasti house by marriage. The King had no known heirs, though he was a renowned womanizer.

2. House Arkona. After the Cousins War, House Arkona had been nigh unto Bankrupt. Siding with House Arabasti had been costly and they had lost much of their holdings. In desperation They took a loan from House Jeggare and took a huge gamble on buying a few ships, the Flagship had been aptly named The Reprieve, and sailing to Vudra on the Northern Coast of Garund, the southern Continent. They had returned with spices, exotic goods and the beginning of a trade route that launched them into one of the top 3 wealthiest families in Korvosa. House Arkona has embraced the Vudran Culture and provide endless assistance to the impoverished people of Korvosa. Glorio is called The Patriarch of The Poor. The Patriarch of House Arkona is Glorio Arkona, a middle aged man of good looks and charm. He has not taken a wife, and as such has no heirs. It is reputed he has an illicit relationship with his sister Melyia Arkona, who is second in line for House Arkona’s power. House Arkona resides in The Arkona Palace on Endrin Isle in Old Korvosa. They are one of the Original Dock Families and on the Peerage Review.

3. House Jeggare. The wealthiest family in Korvosa, House Jeggare controls easily 25% of all land holdings within the city. They are the chief financial backer of both The Korvosan Guard and Sable Company. A sensible and practical house, they are liked and respected but not revered by the people. The Matriarch of House Jeggare is Mercival Jeggare. They are among the original Dock Families and on The Peerage review. They are allied with the Church of Shelyn.

4. House Ornelos. The single most powerful family in Korvosa and run Acadamae, The most respected School of Magic in the west. They stay out of day to day politics and try to remain neutral in disputes. The Patriarch is The Undying Lord Volshyeneck Ornelos, who has been around for a century at least. One of the original Dock Families and on the Peerage Review.

5. House Leroung. An old family in Cheliax, they have very old connections and ties throughout the Old Empire. They control The University of Korvosa. They are considered allied with almost every Noble House and try to steer clear of petty arguments instead looking to maintain law. The Matriarch is Eliasia Leroung. They are allied with The Church of Abadar. One of the original dock families and a member of The Peerage Review.

6. House Zenderholm. A House not recognized in far off Cheliax, yet none-the-less a powerful family in their own right. The family looks out for the future of Korvosa like no other and have been instrumental in severing ties with Cheliax. The Matriarch is Senior Arbiter Zenobia Zenderholm, who some say is more fond of ladies than men. A Member of The Peerage review.

7. House Bromathan. Allied with the Temple of Saranrae, This house truly has the interest of the people in the forefront of their minds. A Minor house that was one of the original Dock Families, but not important enough to be on The Peerage review. The Patriarch is Lord Valdur Bromathan IV, a minor priest of Saranrae. Stable and steady in both the worst and best of times.

8. House Endrin. All but taken over by House Jeggare because of a marriage in the early years of Korvosa. House Endrin is a one of the original Dock Families, and a long standing history of military service. The Patriarch of House Endrin is Lord Ponchus III.

9. House Porphyria. The Exiled House. During the Cousins War, House Porphyria was on one side, House Arabasti the other. All the minor houses that House Porphyria had allied with were summarily destroyed. Only this old family house of Cheliax managed to survived, though all of their holdings were seized by House Arabasti. General Uril Krakon of House Porphyria, In Cheliax, has eyes on Korvosa however.

The Noble Families of Korvosa

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