Arcana in Korvosa

Arcane Magic is a fact of life in Korvosa. In some cities magic is something that is rare and awe inspiring. Not so in Korvosa. One of the premier Arcane Academies in Golarion is found here. Because of that and perhaps because of the ancient history of the land Korvosa was built upon, part of the Ancient Thassilonian Empire made famous by The Runelords; magic is commonplace.

Nearly every family has some relative who could use arcane magic. Most families have some trinket that has magical energy. Be it a spoon that stirs a pot by itself, or a tea cup that always keeps its fill warm. Magic is an every day thing in Korvosa.

It is not viewed with suspicion or wonder as in other places. However reckless casting is a crime and can bring the law down on an individual as fast as theft or murder can.

Noted locations for Arcane Study and procurement of Arcane Items are noted below.

The Acadamae is on the highest point in the city, on one of the Hills Korvosa was built upon. It is out of the Jurisdiction of any of the Districts. The Acadamae is a large school catering to Specialty schools. It is extremely well versed in the Academics of Conjuration. However, Illusionists, Enchanters, Evokers, Transmuters, Diviners, Abjurers and Necromancers all can find good course of studies. They do not teach General Practioners.
-The Headmaster Toff Ornelos resides herein. Toff Ornelos is the leading practioner of magic in Korvosa and a member of The Noble House Ornelos.

Theumanexus College lies in East Shore. It’s course of studies is for the Generalist of Arcana. Professor Tepest Geezlebottle, a Gnome Wizard of much repute is the Dean of the College and resides therein.

The Gilded Orrery is an Acadamae sponsored Bookstore and Curio. The store sits in the saddle between The Acadamae and Castle Korvosa in The Heights District, Citadel Crest Ward.
-The Proprietor Gasta Weagra, of House Ornelos and niece to Toff Ornelos resides therein.

The Bookmaker is the largest bookstore/Scribe in Korvosa. Don’t let the shop’s name fool you, though unimaginative, it is well stocked. It is located in Midland District, Slope Ward.
-The Proprietor Costa Serimus resides in a Townhouse not far from his establishment.

Basha’s is a small bookstore and map shop located in Eodred’s Walk of Midland District, Slope Ward. Its Propietor Basha has an apartment in In High Bridge nearby.

Hedge Wizardry is also found in Eodred’s Walk and it’s proprietor Phaeton Skoda, a drop out of Theumanexus College, is well versed in Crafting Alchemical Items and minor magical trinkets. He has a home in East Shore.

Arcana in Korvosa

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