The Road To The Crimson Throne

Edge of Anarchy: Retrieving Ghaekans remains
or They were doing what to his body?

The group stayed clear of The oytugh in the garbage pit and made short work of a nefarious trap that blasted acid at intruders and dropped skeletal snakes upon them as they made their way deeper into the Warrens.

They found a Laboratory that showed signs of something running amok, and killed the Derro cleaning it up. A room beyond was boarded up and showed signs that whatever was in their had been trying to get out. Deciding it served no purpose to let it out at this point, since it didnt seem to make any noise, they moved further in and found a detention area that had a dozen people held in trenches where they wallowed in a state best left unsaid. Most were so ill and malnourished they could not speak or move…but one young lady recently grabbed while exiting a tavern, Tiora, was able to talk to them and help after they defeated the Prison Guard, a heavy set and fairly unintelligent brute called Cabbagehead for the look of his face…

Tiora stood guard over the released prisoners as the party moved deeper in and found Ghaekens remains which were going to be used in the animation of a Flesh Golem, for what nefarious reason they had no idea…Why would a known Shoanti Tribal Cheiftains son’s head be attached to a Golem?…..

Shortly their after they did discover a library with numerous books on Necromancy, creating undead, creating constructs and diseases. Jalumm made certain to take a few books on Necromancy with him. Afterward they ran into the Sorcerer Vreeg, A Derro with the taint of the Undead racing through his veins. A hard battle saw the group victorius as they retrieved Priests of Pharasma and the Guard to purge the lab and care for the prisoners.

All the prisoners lived because of the party’s timely rescue. Field Marshal Kroft told them to take a few days off since they had been going hard for about 2 weeks now.

During this time they returned to Thousand Bones and he was very thankful for their returning Ghaekens body to him. He gave them the name of the Ancient Shoanti wiseman Galdron Greenheart who had been one of the guardians of the Sacred Shoanti site, who might know what purpose the old ruins had and why The Shoanti had fought so hard to keep it from being occupied. Galdron had died defending his grove located near the site of Mirani embassy long years ago, and is reputed to be buried at the center of his grove….at the location called The Green market. He also told them he had to return Ghaekens remains to the sacred burial grounds on The Storval Plateau, North East of Kaer Maga by about 3 days journey called The Kallow Mounds. He said after ritual he had to attend a meeting of the Wisemem of his tribe The Skoan-Quah (or Skull Clan) to decide which way Their tribe would vote in the upcoming vote for war among the clans…

Jalumm found rumors of his daughter being spotted in Old Korvosa and some investigation showed there were about 100 or so Tieflings among the disenfranchised of the city…though a few held positions of Instructors at The Acadamae. It was among these that he discovered there is a wedge between Headmaster Toff Ornelos and The Patriarch of House Ornelos, Volsheynek The Undying Lord.

Aldlara spent a few days utilizing her feminine wiles to gain several favors she could call in at a moments notice if needed.

Gideon found out a new cult had sprung up recently, called The Cult of Lisaala. The primary Leader of The Cult seemed to be an Enchantress who went by the name Tirana, and hailed from Kaer Maga. Gideon also found out that Sable Company suspected foul play from the Queen and Gideon was warned ‘something big was going to happen and be ready’. Gideon moved Swiftwing out of Sable Company’s Great Tower….and began training with the Hippogriff in earnest.

During their meeting with The Shoanti, Kizziar found out the warriors of the barbarians had no respect for him, because he didnt use ‘real weapons’ and did not have the decency to fight man to man.

After a few days, They were told by Field Marshal Kroft that when she tried to have Trinia snuck out of Korvosa, The Gray Wardens had captured her and she was due to be executed for crimes against the Crown, as she was exposed as a poisoner who had killed King Eodred.

During the execution, a timely rescue of Trinia by Blackjack was fortuitous, and in the confusion, Sable Company struck. as Commander Endrin tried to kill the Queen with a whole wing fighting Gray Maidens and Wardens to run interference. Queen Ileosa was unscarred by what should have been a deathblow as the blade bounced off her bodice whith nary a scratch, upon which she reached out a delicate hand, and snapped the blade in half. and then Sabina Merrin, her bodyguard and Captain of The Gray Maidens, gravely wounded Commander Endrin. Sable Company was left leaderless and in shambles as The Gray Wardens seized The Great Tower.

Things are indeed escalating in Korvosa.
Experience for The Dead Warrens: 2685 ea Total: 10,944. Party goes to 4th Level. Next Level: 15,000

Edge of Anarchy: Into The Warrens.

The hardy band of Adventurers turned Special Agents left the Fight Clubs Arena and returned to made their way to The High Bridge Watch House, where they confronted Captain Galwatty. He reluctantly put himself into their custody as they returned to Field Marshal Kroft. She was quite angy at the Captain she had hand picked to handle the High Bridge Watch Captains duties and with yet another black eye on The Korvosan Guard’s Reputation, she informed both Galwatty and the group that a new Fight Club had cropped up that seemed to play the adversarial role of Galwatty’s. Instead of targeting Varisians and Shoanti…this one was targeting Officers of The Korvosan Guard. She explained that for three nights running, an officer had received an Ehenrood, a stick made with unusual and here to for unknown runes that compelled those who had their names etched upon it to fight to the death. So far, no officer had lived. The group knew they had something to do before that though, in going into the Death Warrens where Ghaekans body had gone.

Meanwhile Kizziar, who was too tired and bedraggled to go to the Watch Captain returned to their home, where he met and old Friend, Sergeant Laroj of The Hellknights, who informed his prodigy that The Queen had pulled back all funding for the Hellknights and that was forcing them to withdraw from the city back to Citadel Vraid. An Unusual turn of events for certain…

Some quick rest and refitting and the group made their way to Gray district and to the tomb they new housed the Warrens. They entered and were immediately set upon by several skeletons and even one made from the remains of an Owlbear, which almost proved to be Gideon’s undoing as it severely injured the Sable Company Apprentice.

As they probed deeper they found a band of Derro, deranged Deep Dwarves who had been touched by the radiation found in the depths of the Earth and driven quite mad. These Dwarves seemed to be the Guardians of The Necromancer Rolths foul labyrinth. One of these Derro was a trainer of Stirges they used to draw blood from victims for the Necromancer’s Experiments.

The band found out their ally Jalumm seemed to be invisible to mindless undead…

Edge of Anarchy: Performing Duties

Returning from meeting The King of Spiders, they met with Field Marshal Kroft and turned over the letters proving Ambassador Darvayne Amprei’s addiction to Shivers, which of course would compromise his reliability as an Ambassador and gives The Field Marshal the leverage needed to get him dismissed from Court.

The group headed back to their place and rested over night before searching out their contacts for information on their various searches. They soon discover a fairly reliable address for where Trinia Sabor, the missing artist who is accused of being part and parcel to the Kings Death.

They made their way there and chased Trinia across the rooftop maze knwon as the Shingles, with Gideon being the only one to stay close to her and Kiziar falling to the alleyway during the chase. Majenk, brought the fleeing artist down with a quick sting of his tail, causing her to fall into a deep slumber.

Some quick thinking had the group barely avoid discovery by the Gray Wardens, the new Queens Guard as they returned to their home. Awaking Trinia, they did find her to be fairly quick thinking and a bit of a manipulator….an easy scapegoat. But they did not believe her to be a murderer.

They turned her over to Field Marhsal Kroft, before turning their attention to The Skullcrackers. Meeting with Ersta Bedlid of The Drudgespades they almost lost her confidence when Gideon was found to be a Guardsman, but bringing the family heriloom back helped keep them to having her arrange a meeting with Harmon Quagstaff, the leader of the splinter group of Skullcrackers.

Meet him they did, and his enforcer Grosh One-Ear and a few of the more loyal guardsmen.

A fight arranged in the warehouse basement turned deadly and dangerous as Grosh proved to be a one man wrecking crew and Harmon was exposed to being a Wererat. The party eked out a victory with Aldlara falling to Grosh’s club, but a lucky block by her arm saved her from certain death while fracturing the arm. The evenings session ended with a fight club in panic, the splinter group decimated and The group standing amid the arena with Aldlara’s shallow breathing the only thing signifying her status among the living.

Sessions Experience: 1500 Ea. Total: 8259 Needed for 4th: 9000

Amid the fight clubs arena’s findings is a ledger showing That Ghaekans body was turned over to one of Rolths Lt’s a Sorceror named Vreeg in an old tomb in The Gray District…..Welcome to The Dead Warrens.

Edge of Anarchy: Meet The New Boss
or How I became an Agent of The Crown

Gathering their gains, the group limped out into the night air of Old Korvosa and as they manuevered through alleyways, they were approached by a black clad figure, none-other-than The Legend Himself, Blackjack. He expressed an interest in seeing them pursue their goals and in their survival and then vanished into the night.

Taken aback they continued home for a much needed nights rest. The Morning found Grau Soldado missing and a knock on the door from a Watch Sergeant for West Docks Watch-House.

The Sergeant told them Field Marshal Cressida Kroft requested their presence at The Citadel Volshyenek. The Guard reassured them the request was in good faith, and they responded quickly.

They Found Field Marshal Kroft a down to earth non nonsense woman with the earnest good interest of the city at heart. With her was The Famed Swordsman Vencarlo Orsini, Master of The Orsini Academy of Swordsmanship. Vencarlo expressed his thankfulness they answered her call and expressed his unhappiness with the Death of The King and how The Queen had taken power…and then exited. Filed Marshal Kroft told them of how the investigations into the demise of several criminals in the city had lead her to them and how she was not pleased but understanding and wished them to continue their work, but in an official capacity as her own ‘private agents’. Recent events at All The Worlds Meats, where some deserted Guardsmen who she sought to bring in, had turned bad and the city had witnessed the Guards infighting. Further it had been exposed that the guards were actually grabbing homless and vagrants and cutting them up and serving them to the commonfolk for monetary gain.

A black eye on the Guards reputation for certain. That coupled with the activities of The Skullcrackers were turning the city against her Guardsforce. Not something that was needed so soon after the Kings Death. She gave them Letters of Marque, authorizing them to have authority over any Watch Captain and answering only to her, and through extension The Queen. They were given carte blanche to investigate things they felt needed investigating, as long as they kept her briefed and they pursued some of the things she needed doing.

The party accepted and were told of three tasks that needed fairly immediate attention. 1) It seemed The two Ambassadors from Cheliax were at odds. It seemed The Ambassador Darvayne Gios Amprei had ties to the exiled House Porphyria and was using monies funnled from far off Cheliax to buy back some of the properties of that Exiled Family and behind closed doors was working to make alliances. The Other Ambassador, Paracountess Zarta Dralneen, had gone missing and until they could find her, other manner of reigning in the Ambassador had to be found. Fortunately she knows he has frequented Eels End and suspects that The King of Spiders, Devargo Bavassi may have some leverage she can apply. She wishes the group to go there and in any manner they see fit gain that leverage. 2) A Young Painter named Trinia Sabor, had been found to have had ties to the King, in that she had visited with him multiple times before his death, supposedly making a portrait of him. She was knowns to have lived in The Shingles. Cressida Kroft wanted her brought in for questioning, before The Queens eager forces brought her in for hanging. 3) She had found out that The Spiritual leader of The Shoanti in the area, Thousand Bones, had a Nephew…Gaekan, who had gone missing. She suspects The Skullcrackers had something to do with it, and wants Gaekan found, dead or alive….and returned to the Shoanti, to suppress a bubbling threat of violence. Cressida also informed them she had given Grau Soldado a Watch sergeant Position in High Point.

The group agreed and left splitting up. Gideon met with Eddie Gin and His Thief Catcher Buddy Elril. Leaving them with commands to investigate Trinia and let him know what they found out. When he asked Eddie of goings on, he discovered that a womans body had been found drained of blood in East Shore…..

Aldlara went back to their base and consulted the Harrow Deck asking for insight into the lovers of The King, since he was a known womanizer, in the hopes of it giving her some clue to Trinia’s whereabouts…and was shocked to find out that apparently Zellara was one of his paramours….

Kizziar and Jalumm went to seek out the Reknowned Alchemist Malfurin to get some potions to restore Jalumms health, since he was poisoned severely by orem Menach. The bargain was struck…and some Jalumm’s blood and some gunpowder were part of the exchange…

The group got back together and approached Eels End as clients. an evening of enjoyment was had in the den of depravity that is Eels End and Devargo was approached. They found a captured Psuedo-Dragon named Majenko, who reached out telepathically to the bearer of the Queens Brooch, Aldlara and asked for rescue….Feeling the Brooches hidden magicks awaken, she sought to bargain with The King of Spiders both for the leverage on the Ambassador, which they would pay for, and for life of Majenko. A bargain was struck and Gideon had to play Knivesies with some hopeful thugs looking for employment at Eels End. So soundly did Gideon defeat the thugs that it left Bavassi roaring with pleasure. He released Majenko and began to retrieve the information, giving the bodies of the fallen to his spiders for food….

Sessions Experience: 500 Total: 6739

Edge of Anarchy: The Smuggler's Demise

Orem Menach proved to be resourceful and crafty and almost resulted in the death and or capture of the Hero’s of Korvosa. However, through wile and determination the group defeated him and his lackeys.

Recovering from poison, and the tough fight with the Smugglers the band of heros sits in the underground lair of Menach and pauses to gether what they can, and to decide what is next….

Session Experience: 2120 Total: 6239

Loose Ends-
1) The Brooch- what to do with it.
2) The Skullcrackers Fightclub and why they killed their own member
3) Orem Menachs Ledger showing he had ties to The King of Spiders Devargo Bevassi
4) Why was the Queen in the catacombs with Sabina Merrin
5) find and rescue or Recover Gaekhan’s body for Thousand Bones of The Shoanti.

Edge of Anarchy: Loose Ends

What occurred next was essentially a slaughter. The Heroes of Korvosa took on the Rogue Dragonsclaws- Jan Havnick The Sorcerer, Torrance a Ruffian Thug, Horace and Jeffers a couple of petty criminals. With them were Yagrin, Gaedran Lamms Drug Making Alchemist and Hookshanks Grueller The manager of Lamm’s Lambs. A tough fight was the result that ended poorly for the Rogues hiding in the sewers. All 6 of the enemy was slain and the party limped their way out of the sewers with a fair amount of goods to liquidate.

When they arrived home they found a note from the Smuggler Orem Menach for them to visit him and found they were being watched by a member of his gang. A late night visitor in the leader of the Dragonsclaws, Marna, gave them thanks for destroying the splinter group and told them The Skullcrackers Fightclub was to be found in an abandoned wharehouse in Highbridge. The Fight Club is located in ‘Drudgespade’ Territory and they have an arrangement with the Skullcrackers to tell them of anyone heading to the Fightclub. Their leader is Ersta Bedlid, a female pickpocket of Chelaxian Blood. As leverage she says if they could convince Menach to return Ersta’s mothers necklace, she might be convinced to look the other way.,

The group decided then and their to go talk to Menach and the next day made their way to his Lamp shop in Old Korvosa. They became frustrated with his arrogance and decided bargaining with him was less likely to produce the results they desired than just taking him down…..

Sessions Experience: 938. Total: 4,119

Edge of Anarchy: The Dragons Claws

Unbeknownst to Gideon his encounter with Mr. Tidbits had left him diseased and that night at work he began to sneeze and cough, His Watch Sergeant sent him home with instructions to take it easy for a few days and come back healthy, not wanting to infect the guard in this precarious time.

Catching a good nights rest the group was awakened to a knocking on the door by Little Eddie Gin who said one of the tasks they had asked about, locating Yargin, had reached fruition. It seemed that Yargin and Hookshanks had taken up with an old friend of theirs, Jan Havnick, a member of Pillar Hills Dragon Claws Gang.

Asking around they found out the Dragons Claws hang out at The Kendall Ampitheater It wasn’t hard to find gang members as the group went to observe an Opera about the recent Goblin Attack on Sandpoint. called ‘Burnt Offerings’ The Opera was certainly entertaining. While there, Aldlara decided to settle a score with Jalumm for making her sleep in the same bed with him early on, and hired The Dragons Claws to beat the Sorcerer, an act they were only too happy to comply with. Kizziar tried to stop the gang members, but the ambush was too thorough to halt.

A side effect of the invitation by Aldlara, was a midnight visit at Zellara’s by Marna Blackstone, Leader of The Dragonsclaws. She said she knew what they were looking for, the location of The Skullcrackers Fight Club, but would only give them the information if they took care of someone in her own organization who had caused some unrest by breaking away into a splinter group of The Dragonsclaws, one Jan Havnick. He had taken a few members and a few old friends and set up in a hideout in the sewers.

The group agreed and headed to the sewers the following day, Gideon getting more and more feverish. On the way an Oytugh busted up through the ground, since The Queens edict to furlough all Government Agency’s until things could be sorted out following her husbands death, The Ratcatchers who normally kept an eye on the beasts and insured they stayed in their locations to devour the garbage and sewage the city produced, wern’t around….that left the Oytughs unwatched….

A tough fight resulted in the Oytiughs defeat with the help of a squad of Korvosan Guardsmen.from Pillar Hill Watchhouse.

The party descended into the sewers and encountered a nest of stirges and later a group of hive minded Cerebral Rats that drained party resources and infected Kizziar with the same disease,

Surprise lost, the group stands a mere 60 feet from the hideaway with the quandry to attack the rogue Dragonsclaws or head back to lick their wounds and lose the trail…..What will they do…

Experience for Session: 700. Total to Date: 3182

Edge of Anarchy: Guess who's coming to dinner

The Group made their way to The High Bridge Watch House. On the way across, Gideon saw an old friend, come upon hard time; Grau Soldado, drunk as a lark and apparantly quite out of his mind. A Master swordsman and an ex-lover of Sabina Merrin, Grau had taken to drinking heavily when he had lost his job at the Orsini Academy after he got caught up in a love triangle between Sabina, Vencarlo Orsini and himself. Once a respected Captain in The Korvosan Guard, now he stays in his cups and because of that can not be trusted.He talked Grau into accompanying them back to Zellara’s with saying he would give him a place to sleep for the night.

, where they split up. Aldlara entering to talk to one of her lovers. Captain Marcus Galwatty, The Watchhouse Captain. Undisputed law in High Bridge. She was taken aback when he was less than forthcoming about what he may know about the Skullcrackers, suggesting that she should leave things to the officials. Meanwhile the others made their way back to their new base of operations, Zellara’s Gideon caught some shut eye and then made his way to work with the Korvosan Guard out of the Ridgefield Ward of Northpoint District. They patrolled the ward and saw fleeting glimpses of people breaking curfew, but could not catch anyone.

The next morning The group gathered at Zellara’s and decided to follow up on the one lead they had about The Skullcrackers, and that was to visit Grangs Mortuary in Gray Ward and ask to see the body of the deceased Watch Sergeant, Malkan Abberbaugh.

Talking to Grau, Gideon convinced him to stay on the wagon and hang out at their place and he would help him get a job as a guardsman once again…

Grang, a little balding ferret of a man ran a pretty tight ship with his security Guard Stefano and his secretary Madam Gerrault. The group was getting nowhere when Gideon near the door to the morgue, caught a glimps of a gray skinned and taloned creature whereing a silk ruffled shirt, black slacks and a top hat., when he he had heard a voice shouting that he was hungry and for Grang to feed him and Gideon had opened the door to peek inside.

A lengthy battle insued where The resident Chef, a Ghoul named Mr. Tidbits was taken doown by the group, and Grangs liking for gourmet meals made from the dead body parts of his clients was exposed.. Blackmailing Grang proved to be easy and a select list of others who shared his liking of this gourmet repast was obtained.
1. Countess Bathory (a minor noble in house Ornelos)
2. Watch Sergeant Graven out of Citadel Crest Ward.
3. Deneb Lomax a low level clergy in The Temple of Asmodeus
4. Jivens Gracaus First Mate on a ship called The Griffins Claw
5. Halkus Selacus a merchant who works out of The Dock Trade in Northpoint.
6. Joff Dowmer an apprentice Irnworker
7. Lenora Bellacia a debutante from Cheliax.

The group found out that Grang had a working arrangement with The Skullcrackers to dispose of bodies that needed to be disposed of. All were of Varisian or Shoanti descent and as such never really looked for.

Experience for session: 700 Total to date: 2482:

Edge of Anarchy: The End is Nigh

The party went to there various sources and gathered what information they could before returning to their new home and deciding to try and liquidate the Brooch at a jeweler. Once there they found out a Dangerous Smuggler named Orem Menach was also looking for the Brooch and the jeweler said it was too hot to liquidate. Trying some of Jalumm’s Sczarni associates they found out the same thing from him. It was both too expensive for most to afford and/or too hot to handle. So they turned to one of Aldlara’s old contacts, Pilts Swatsel, a notorious figure in Old Korvosa who ran a porn shop/brothel.

It appeared he had been driven to the edge of lunacy by a combination of his drug use and recent dreams that have only been surfacing for the last few weeks. He seems to be ranting about the coming of the ‘her’ and the ‘old ones’ who will return them to the old ways. During his ranting he showed a reoccurring symbol in his dreams, a 7 pointed star with the runes of sin magic placed within each point. Some research uncovered this to be the symbol of Thassilon’s legendary Runelords.

A trip back towards there home, brought them face to face with a madman in North Point going on about similar things. Except he talked about the 7 seals being broken…Famine, Lust, Thievery, Apathy, Pestilence, War and Death that would bring about the end of days and return Korovsa to the old ways.

In addition the party rescued Amin Jelanto, a minor noble in House Zenderholm from a crowd of commoners who were set to lynch the nobleman for throwing some food away. He pledged his thankfulness and Aldara left disgusted at him.

Digging a little bit they found out Orem Menach was a smuggler who owned a Lamp Shop in Old Korvosa and frequented a Tavern/nightclub in East Shore called The Crimson Cup. Being at oposite ends of the city made that strange, but once they found out the Crimson Cup belonged to Robert Redhand, a Bandit/Thief who had been caught Redhanded and done time in Citadel Volshyenek. His band of Thugs and Bandits, The Crimson Medusa, have connections with Orem Menach.

They decided to go check out the Crimson Cup before Curfew set in and while there found out The Cup (as it is called) is one of the many ‘fight’ clubs that have sprouted up in recent months. Asking about the particular dogs that Gideon had run into, they found out those dogs are typically used by The Skullcrackers in their dog fighting pits.

Encountering Eddie Gin, an orphan with a knack of knowing things has been fortuitous for the party, because they found out The Skullcrackers is an elite band of Fighters hand picked and trained by Captain Marcus Galwatty, the Watch Captain for Midlands High Bridge Ward. They decided to pay Captain Galwatty a visit on their way back before curfew, as it seems Aldlara and he have a history.

Jalumm hased Eddie to look into his daughters disappearance, and Eddie said he would, though he is reasonably assured she is alive and in Old Korvosa. When Eddie was asked about Yargin and Hooky, he said they have gone underground, hiding..perhaps in the sewers and are putting feelers out for new employment. He said he would look into it for them and see if he could find out where.

Experience for The Session: 615 Total to date: 1782

The Edge of Anarchy: The King is Dead

As Rain began to pour and lightning flashed in the sky, Kizziar, with the aid of a rope and grapple, went fishing for his musket in the shallow waters of the Jeggare River where it flowed into Conquerors Bay. Meanwhile the party searched through leavings of Gaedran Lamm and found a good many bits of treasure.

From Yagrin
Potion of Cure Light Wounds 1d8+2
An Obsidian Wand of Acid Splash 1d3 damage 30 foot range. 28 charges
Potion of Endure Elements CL 2
3 Vials of Acid
2 Tanglefoot Bags
1 Thunderstone
Garnet Amulet Valued at 100 Gold

From Giggles
Masterwork Heavy Flail

From Gaedran
Masterwork Light Crossbow
Silver dagger
Bracers of Armor +2
Masterwork Sword Cane

Various places in the Fishery
A Narrow Teak and Jade Cigar Case valued at 25 Gold
A 2 lb Gold Bar with the stamp of Imperial Cheliax valued at 100 Gold
A Miniature Gold Crown worth 350 Gold
A Fist Sized Scrimshaw of a Kraken with Garnets for eyes worth 200 Gold
A Nice Silver Ring with an inscription ‘For Emmah-The Light in My Nights’ worth 150 Gold
A Highly Scandalous Ivory Figure of Two Entwined Succubi worth 450 Gold
A Masterwork Hand Axe
A small block of Adamantine Ore enough to make an ‘Light’ Adamantine Weapon or 10 ammunition for missile weapons
An Abalone Shell Holy Symbol of Shelyn valued at 300 Gold
Oil of Keen Edge
An Alabaster Wand of Bless 13 Charges
A Crystalline Vial (Itself worth 50 Gold) with a Dose of Silversheen
A Bejewelled Brooch with a Broken Clasp of Ruby and Gold valued at 1000 Gold
Zellara’s Magical Harrow Deck
An Alchemy Lab
A Letter implying Lamm was in cahoots with somebody with the initials SM

More importantly they found the rotting head of Zellara, The Fortune Teller much to their surprise.

In addition they identified the sounds of an aerial battle in the storm between what sounded like every Psuedo Dragon making their home here during their migration from The Mindspin Mountains and Every homeless Conjured Imp from Academae Students.

Moving to the Scuttled Ship ’Kraken’s Folly’ They found it inhabited by a nest of Drain Spiders which found Kizziar’s flesh extremely tasty as he succumbed to their strength draining poison before the Spiders could be defeated. They also found indications this might be a key ingredient in the Drug Shivers.

Leaving the Fishery, with the young woman who had been Yagrins victim for the evening in tow, with the intent of going toward The Temple of The Many within South Shore they encountered fighting in the street and heavy patrols….hearing the words ‘The King is Dead’ and ‘Long Live The Queen’ or ‘Death to The Whore Queen’ they decided to stop for the night in Zelarra’s when a Hellknight Patrol told them the City was under Curfew.

At Zellara’s They found indication that she had performed a lost Varisian Ritual that would empower one with natural Varisian Magic as a last rites curse. They found a last will and testament bequeathing her holdings to the group.

The next morning while Kizziar lay in bed recovering from the venom and Aldlara was tending to the care of the Shivers victim, Kizziar began cleaning the muck out of the intricate firing mechanism of his Musket. Gideon went out for information and found the cries of a woman, Marinna Hopwood, for help. Following the sound he came upon a guardsman being torn apart by what looked like feral dogs. Not being able to identofy them, except for the fact they had a great many scars upon them, he advanced.

One by one they turned to attack, eventually overcoming him and causing him to fall. A Patrol of Korvosan Guards, also responding to Marinna’s Cries took the dogs down and carried the fallen Gideon back to his home, at Jalumm’s urgings, since he arrived late on the scene and aided in the take down of the dogs with well placed magics.

Jalumm heard the Guard send for Grang, the Mortuary caretaker who prepared bodies for their final rest.

Once Aldlara had performed healing upon Gideon, the group split up to follow their own leads.

Aldlara took Zellara’s remains and the young woman to The Temple of the Many and left it there in a cleric of Calystria’s hands to have last rites taken care of.

Gideon went to his bounty hunter friends home Elril, where he found out that the city had shut off all entrance from outsiders until the unrest could be handled. No food was getting into the city. It also seemed that The various criminal elements were using the unrest as an opportunity to seize power or do away with those that were problems. The City was under Martial Law and The Queen had put a halt to all city services until she could review the charters of all. In addition she was calling up two new Guards Forces loyal to her and House Arabasti, instead of the check and balanced form of guard the city currently had. The Gray Wardens (an all male guard force Headquartered in The Longacre Building) and The Grey Maidens (an all female guards force Headquartered in Castle Korvosa)

Jalumm sought out his mentor Vardex, an Aasimar Conspiracy Theorist Hedge Wizard in East Shore who seemed to think The Temple of Asmodeus was behind everything….

and Finally Kizziar went looking for his friend who was a Hellknight Sergeant named Laraj Larton to find out what he had heard.

we continue with Jalumm going to Thieves Camp to talk with a Tavern Owner Friend there, Aldlara going to to see Daltan Carowyn, a minor noble for what he might know and who the brooch might belong to.

Kizziar was headed to the see his friend Marion Dyrlak, a Temple Guard at The Temple of Saranrae. and Gideon was going to hit the streets to do some investigation.

Experience for Session: 425


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