Reins of Mount Summoning

A set of Reins and matching wrist bands that can be used to call a mount to wearer of the wrist bands..


Aura: Faint Enchantment. Caster Level: 2nd
Slot: Wrists Price: 4,000 gp Weight: Wristbands: .5 lbs/ Reins: .5 lb

Description: A matched set of wristbands and reins. The reins are placed on the mount, and the wristbands on the rider. The Rider can say a command word and the mount will do everything in its power to move to within 5’ of the rider under his own power. Note will not function if the mount is further than 2 hours travel time away from the rider.

Requirements: Craft Wonderous Item, Call Animal Cost: 2000 gp


Reins of Mount Summoning

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