Sergeant Marcus Galwatty

Demoted Captain High Bridge Watch House, Now Watch Sergeant working under Captain Kerric Fain


Hard-nose Watch Captain of Midlands High Bridge Ward, Marcus Galwatty is a decorated War Hero in his fights to keep the bandits away from outlying provinces and caravans between. He was chosen by Field Marshal Cressida Kroft to be the Watch Captain for High Bridge. He hand picked an Elite Squad of Men to work for him, and since his taking control of what once was a crime ridden Ward, things have quieted down tremendously. He is a Chelaxian and is quite prejudice against Varisians and Shoanti, because of their normal natural bent to be against Korvosa. His Squad reacts more harshly to crimes performed by either of these than to minor crimes performed by Chelaxian’s. His Elite Squad is known as The Skullcrackers and they seem to take great pride in this…

Contact of Aldlara. Lives In Midland


Sergeant Marcus Galwatty

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