5th Elven Cleric of Calistria


Aldlara was born in Korvosa, growing up in an elven enclave on the South Shore, with her parents acting as minor officials in the Mierani embassy.

As such, Aldlara grew up between two worlds, caught between the elven traditions of her parents and the urban culture that surrounded and fascinated her. Flighty and without a care, she flitted about the social circles of Korvosa effortlessly.

Carefree, sensual, and playful, Aldlara is also very petty, vain and quick to take offense at the smallest of slights. Although not prone to violence, she relishes the humiliation of those who have wronged her.

Her hedonistic pursuits lead her to join the clergy of Calistria, but it also brought her into contact with the seedier side of the city, as she freely experimented with the readily available drugs which were traded in the less reputable areas of town. Soon becoming addicted to shiver, Aldlara’s habit served to alienate her from her family and friends, and nearly killed her when she got a bad batch and nearly overdosed.

Believing that her overdose was the result of incompetence on the part of her dealer, Gaedren Lamm, she swore that Lamm would not see his affront go unpunished.


Irriel Sunspeare – Aldlara’s father (her mother passed away a few years ago) is one of the Deputy Ambassadors to the Mierani. Although her drug use has strained their relationship in the last several years, he is still unlikely to turn away a request from his only daughter.

Blunden Rabb – an apothecary, who served as one her “dealers” in her more inebriated days. It was Blunden who found her after she nearly died of an overdose, and helped nurse her back to health.

“The Marshall” – a highly placed member of the Korvosan military, this individual was one of Aldlara’s “clients.” Although she likely knows his true identity, she avoids using it in an effort to maintain an air of discretion, as their association would likely prove to be a source of embarassment for him. They communicate primarily through a series of dead drops, and it is through these that he schedules in-person trysts and meetings.

Pilts Swastel – owns the Exemplary Excrebles brothel/porn shop

Daltan Carowyn – Minor noble, Carowyn Manor/ South Shore (we’re neighbors)


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