The Road To The Crimson Throne

Seven Days to thhe Grave: Damsel in Distress III

Smugglers at the Zumis Villa

In the Boat taking the kids and Trinia to the meeting point with the horses and Graydon, Kizziar’s friend who had volunteered to help take them to Harse, the party slowly passed beneath The cliffs of the Arkona Estate and then evaded sight of The Korvosan Guard at the Lighthouse across the river, and finally managed to elude the prying eyes of The Gray Wardens patrolling Old korvosa before spotting two Sahuagin coming out of a sewer drain in Old Korvosa. A short fight ensued and the part was victorious. They moved to beach the boat and headed to the rendevous point.

In the air astride Swiftwing, Gideon two evaded being seen by The Korvosan Guard, The Graywardens, and A band of Szcarni heading into the area before being assaulted by two Imps which he hastily dispatched.

At the rendevous point they found instead of the copse of trees and abandoned villa. Some quick thinking and Kizziar said he thought this was The Zumis Estate, Very minor nobles who had fled when the King died.

In their stead a band of entrepeneurs in the form of a Bugbear Ranger named Hieronymous Grunch and his pet dire weasel, Tickletap and finally his followers The Goblin bandit The Snakebiters.

Some forceful negotiations with a bit of violence, left the snakebiters harried and frightened. Grunch gave what information he had and was allowed to leave the estate with his band, who had been part of the chain of smuggled meat into the city backed by someone with a Vudrani accent.

He also said that a family had stumbled upon his men and they had put them upstairs in the villa…This turned out to be a family who had fled Korvosa the day before because of the plague…all of them were in various stages of infection…and one turned out to be Tyler Finch, the courier of East Shore who had brought Marcus Galwatty his Ehrenrood. Tyler, under Aldlara’s care briefly became lucid enough to tell them That he had gotten it from Ersta Bedlid, the leader of The Drudgespades……

Making the family comfortable and leaving some supplies for them, the band finally realized that Aldlara had copied Orsini’s map wrong and had left out crossing the river. The Copse of trees was a short distance away and Trinia joined Graydon and The Gnome Borol with the Soldado Kids and headed to Harse.

The group headed back to the city except Gideon who went searching for signs of Sable Company.

Getting into town they were very fatigued having no rest since the day before and they passed the Temple of Abadar and saw The Paladins of Abadar guarding the temple against the throngs of infected trying to get aid. They could see Dr Ishani working feverishly to try and help who he were several other clerics administering herbal and natural remedies that could forestall symptoms but not a cure.

Then nearing home they found an edict posted to their new neighbors door naming this The Hospice and locale of The Queens Physicians who had been named to dealing with the Plague….any interference with them on their duties would result in death at the hands of The Gray Maidens placed outside as guards.

They could see several of the new Dr’s wearing the birdlike masks like Aldlara had from the wreck of the Direption. Aldlara hastily removed hers….

They got home to find 4 people awaiting them outside. Taking them in one at a time they met Sir Canayven Heidmarch, husband of Maginmar’s Venture Captain. of The Pathfinders who told Aldlara that he had a lead for them about Paracountess Zarta Dralneen, ambassador of Cheliax, was being held at Citadel Vraid , Fortress of The Nail, without the knowledge of the Leadership of The Order. She had been smuggled in by some rogue members of The Order under the pay of General Krakon, who wanted to incite Cheliax into backing his choice of taking the Crimson Throne by force and wanted the level headed ambassador out of the picture. If The group could somehow convince the leadership of The Order of The Nail to let them free her, then she would certainly advise Cheliax to stay out of it officially and General Krakon would not have the backing of his country in his quest for power.

Next Aldalra found a servant girl from The Carowyn Estate who said Zombies had assaulted her masters home the night before and she had been told by Dalton Carowyn to come here for Aldlara’s help. It seems The lords and ladys had locked themselves in the basement and Zombies had taken over the manor.

A Conscientious Ulfen Mercenary told Kizziar that he had quit his job as personal Guard protecting Vendra Loaggri, a local Perfumer who lived atop Citadel Crest near The Academae, had begun to say she had a cure for the Plague and selling her wares to the populace. The Guard knew this to be a falsehood and that she was merely someone trying to get rich off the misfortunes of others. He was also afraid what that might do to stop the belief of legitimate aid. The Perfumer owned The Shop called Lavender.

Finally Jalumm met a young seamstress who once she showed him that she was a Wererat named Eries Yelloweyes, went on tot tell him the tale of how there was a large wererat enclave in town living among the humans in secret…abiding by the towns laws and not seeking any agenda except peaceful coexistence. Should this peace be shattered she feared for the ramifications of what it might do to the already tenuous hold of staving off civil war on the populace….It seems that since rats were known to be carriers of diseases…certain people had begun rat-hunts . In Retaliation, Giriggz, one of the more militant members of The Wererat community sought to seek vengeance by gathering about a dozen wererats and they were planning to begin guerilla strikes against the humans of Korvosa. He called his band The Plaguerats and they were hiding out in a place in the Sewers beneath Old Dock.. She asked that he be stopped before the assault began in the near future.

The group less Gideon discussed this tiredly and agreed to go first to Carowyn manor and then to the sewers this very day.

Meanwhile Gideon returned after finding Signs that Sable Company had taken to hiding in the hills between Citadel Vraid and Korvosa.

He then set to opening the chest they had taken from the toymakers and found some coinage, and a key to a safe deposit box in The Temple of Abadar.

He rejoined the others and they prepared to go to Carowyn Manor for The Deadmans Party…..

Experience for this setting: 1650 each. Total: 16,084 Next Level: 23,000


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