The Road To The Crimson Throne

Seven Days To The Grave: The Green Market

Seeking out The Spirit of The Shoanti Shaman

The Group, accompanied by the Witch Zeeva Foxglove, attempted to penetrate the wards protecting the Resting place of The Shoanti Shaman Greenheart. Tripping a defensive ward set by some foul priest of Asmodeus, the party unwittingly released a Devil from the netherworlds and had to defeat it. Along the same time several living plant creatures guarding Greenhearts Resting Place came forth to stop those that would defile his tomb.

Victory was certain and the devil was sent back to where he came and the living fungus and foliage Destroyed. A Hellknight Sergeant saw the activity and knighted Kixxiar and welcomed him into the ranks of the Hellknights, and told him to report as soon as he was able to Citadel Vraid for proper induction into the Order of The Nail.

A meeting with The Greenheart shed light on the fact that Castle korvosa was built upon the ancient tomb of The Runelord of Lust, Sorshen, who was interred within with lans to be brought back at an opportune moment. The Slave Race, The Shoanti, freed from their servitude were determined to keep anyone away from The Grand Mastaba. The settlers of Korvosa had defeated the defenders and now years later perhaps The Queen has found ancient artifacts of Thassilon, or worse brought forth the Runelords power….

Escorting Zeeva to The Temple of saranrae, so she could assist in formulating an antidote for Blood Veil, the group moved wearily to into East Shore to look for The Missing Ersta Bedlid, and confronted Malfurin, the Alchemist who told them that Ersta had been coming to him for treatment and recently started working for another person who he doesnt know, in town…..The group thought they saw Ersta and chased her only to lose the traila round the corner…

The group then went to ’Dalliance’s Bordello’ to hunt down Gentleman Jimmy Gems, who has been known to frequent Count Dalarus Arabasti’s red light district…where they ran into the Grey Wardens and Sergeant Niccolo Pinch, lover of Count Delarus. who shared with them after a bit of coercing, that Jimmy Gems has been seen hanging out in the area where the prostitutes have been turning up missing…The East wall. Near The Porhyran Mansion.

Sessions Experience: 1450 each. Total:24748 Next Level: 35,000


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