The Road To The Crimson Throne

Seven Days to The Grave: The Damsel in Distress II

Things that go bump in the night.

The party made their way towards Old Korvosa, noticing at least a few dozen people with the tell tale signs of being infected with the plague before stumbling on a scene of carnage in an alleyway near the toy maker, Giotorri’s shop. They discovered about 20 bodies, some showing the initial signs of being victims of the plague, all being drained of blood.

Of course the cause of this was a band of Vampire Spawn who made mention of ‘The Master’ being pleased that the party was in their grasp. A tough fight ensued and the 7 spawn were slain, their bodies turning gaseous and going into a crack in the alley wall to the Toymakers shop.

Entering and searching not only did they find the toymakers body and the coffins of the Spawn, but a locked strongbox. Gideon stuck the strongbox into his backpack for safe keeping. In addition they found 3 magic items A Ring of Jumping, Pipes of Haunting and a Weapon Sight of Longshot. Destroying the coffins, they went out into the night and di indeed discover Blackjack.,

They received notice that Blackjack had secreted Trina Sabor with an ally of his Vencarlo Orsini. They decided to split up. Jalumm was to return to their base and get the kids. Gideon was to go to Citadel Volshanyek and get Swiftwing and go aerial. Aldlara was to go meet with Vencarlo. Kizziar was to go meet with his Mentor, the gunsmith to see if he would assist them in getting Trinia out of the area. Kizziar, Aldlara, and and Jalumm are to meet back at Orem Menachs abandoned lamp shop and smuggler tunnels beneath.

The plan came together fairly easily with Vencarlo also providing them with 500 gold for operating expenses and directions to a copse of trees about a mile outside of town where he has had hidden a 5 horses and food/water for a trip to Harse to leave her in the care of a Rancher their he knows.

All goes well and the party correctly guesses that Blackjack and Vencarlo are on in the same. Aldlara sends her familiar to Gideon to tell him of the location of the copse of trees where they are to meet and the group in the smugglers tunnels prepare to depart by boat….

Sessions Experience: 1800 each. Total:14434 Next level: 15000


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