The Road To The Crimson Throne

Seven Days to The Grave: The Damsel in Distress

or of bargains, sacrifices and portents

when Kizziar and Gideon made their way to The Soldado resident in the now near empty Trails End, they found a worsening Breanna and a now sick Tayce. Aldlara was wearing The plague Doctors Mask, determined not to succumb to the infection. Gideon set to trying to open the lock on the sea chest they found in the Captains Quarters of the Direption, while aldlara and Ishani, The Vudrani Priest of Abadar worked together to try and figure out the disease.

Aldalara found Ishani to be quite different from the run of the mill priests of Abadar, who would do nothing without payment or lawful enticement.. He was quite willing to bend the tenants of his faith to treat the ill through herbal and mundane means; which he insisted, did not go against his churches designs, because they were skills he had not gotten through faith. and so Tayce did not have to pay for them.

It seems he had lost his parents to disease in Vudrani, and boarded one of The Arkona trade vessels and come to Korvosa as a young man and had worked hard to learn how to master treating illnesses on his own. He was affable, if a bit serious. he had left in the wee hours of the morn to return to the Bank of Abadar to attend his duties, promising to return the first chance he had.

Gideon after working for what seemed like hours finally opened the complex lock on the sea chest, but not before triggering a trap which dyed his fingers on his left hand blue from a needle prick. Fortunately his body resisted the poison on the needle.

They found a collection of invoices, ledgers and the deed to the Direption, all written in Vudrani, which seemed strange. From the map in the chest it showed the last port a call was Ilzamagorti on Mediogalti island, home of The Red Mantis. To further add to the intrigue a title naming the owner as one R. Davaulus of Kintargo, Cheliax.

Being in a foreign tongue, they realize it may take days to translate and decipher…

The morning found the Jalumm quite ill and making his way to The temple of Pharasma First, where it seemed they were more interested in trying fo learn of his disease than help him and then to The Temple of Saranrae where he went through a 3 hour interrogation by the temple Priests before being cured of his disease, and having gained an ally in the Temple priests.

Gideon made his way to the Lady Gallifrey to talk to her about the plague and to try and gain access to her husband as the High Priest of Saranrae, and did gain a letter of audience which he put to good use to talk to the high priest and in turn get a single scroll to cure disease, but not before himself sharing some information that announced his working with both Kizziar, who had come visiting his friend who was a Temple guard, and jalumm as agents for the Field Marshal.

Kizziar had gone on a grand sweep of his friends and family in the city sharing his knowledge of a disease which seemed to be rapidly spreading. A few seemed to indicate they were fleeing the city, while a few others seemed to say they were going to hide.

Jalumm followed kizziars example and began to visit people he knew…most notewothy was the young varisian Seer who shared her vision of death coming to Korvosa and that Jalumm was part of the light that was their to stave off the coming darkness.

kizziars Brother who also had some sort of prophetic gifts shared his dreams of the coming of an old evil and how it threatened the lives of all in Korvosa.

Kizziar, and Gideon returned to aldlara and gave her the scroll and after some soul searching The Follower of Calistria healed the young Breanna. tayce saying save her children. The group took the three kids and returned to their abode.

On the way there they found a lot of activity just a few short blocks away from their home as a wagon laden with laboratory gear and medicinals was being unloaded. the newcomers were all of varisian descent, hailing from Ustalav, though a stout woman of Ulfen ancestry seemed to act as bodyguard/second in command. They all seemed to defer to one they called The Doctor, who was friendly, but reserved.

Jalumm in his visiting found out two things that shook him. One was when he went to visit his parents and heard this rhyme on the wind outside their tavern

Their Necks went snap, snap, snap
Their bodies wracked, wracked, wracked
Your meddling gang, gang, gang
Will join the stack, stack, stack

Looking around he saw no one and when he entered, it appeared his parents did not know him saying he and his family, daughter included, had died in a fire long ago…..

The second thing was that the dagger he had gotten from loot taken from deserters in The Field Marshals office was in fact a foul demon-like creature called a lesser rakshasha, a raktavarna…frequently used to spy on people…

Going back to his home he urged his friends to help him destroy the creature, which they only were to happy to do.

Near dark, they decided their next step was to find blackjack and see about escorting Trinia sabor and the children out of korvosa, thus providing a caretaker and saving her in one fell swoop. After dark they head to old korvosa…..

Sessions experience: 300 each. total 12,634 next level: 15,000:


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