The Road To The Crimson Throne

Seven Days to The Grave: Infectious Encounters

or how we learn of diseases and the newest threats to Korvosa's peace

Bravely the group faced off to the Sea Druid Yvicca and her summoned creatures and through teamwork and the healing energies of Aldlara, they managed to win the day.

Bedraggled and tired the group searched the ship, finding a couple strange boxes that had been opened, that carried residual magical energies of Necromancy. They also found a locked chest, and a strange birdlike mask that proved to be a Plague Doctors Mask. Before they opened the sealed chest they spotted the Shoanti leaving en masse from their settlement, Trails End, on the banks of the Jeggare River, and headed towards the small hamlet by the boat they had obtained in Thieves Camp; The Varisian enclave.

as they beached the boat they spooted a priest of Abadar, dressed as a Doctor, hurrying to the Hamlet and met him. Acolyte Ishani Dhatri explained he had been requested by Watch Sgt Grau Soldado to go to Grau’s sisters home in Trails end and tend the illness of his niece, Brienna. They discover that Graus had gone looking for them, after going to the temple of Abadar.

Accompanying the Acoylte, they meet Graus older sister Tayce, a woman who had fallen in love with a Varisian and had three children with the fisherman, before he died in a river accident. She had made her way as a seamstress and washer woman rasiing her kids as best she could.

Brienna had found one of the boxes they had found, on the shore, and this one was unopened. She opened it finding several gold coins. When she came back to her home with the coins, she fill ill shortly thereafter. Tayce had given the coins to a messenger to get help for her daughter.

It didnt take long for the frail child to become very ill at this virulent disease. Aldlara stayed with Ishani, while Kizziar returned the boat, Jalumm headed back to their home not feeling well, and Gideon went to talk to Shoanti contacts.

Gideon found out the Shoanti had discovered the people aboard the vessel were told to bring the boxes to Korvosa and distribute them among the locals. The distribution happened anyway, even with the sinking as some of the boxes washed up in Trails End, Thieves Camp, and Old Korvosa. Not to mention eager treasure seekers had dove down finding a few on the bottom of the river. The Shoanti had told Gideon that death was coming to Korvosa, and if wanted to live he should leave. When Gideon had said he couldnt, The Skoan-Quah member had said to not forget what he was told about The Green Market by Thousand Bones….

Gideon wanted as the remaining Shoanti tribesman fled…

Kizziar discovered that the fisherman he had returned the boat to, had similar symptoms as Brienna Soldado and he admitted to being one of the treasure seekers in the early morning hours….

On the way back to their home, Kizziar ran into Eddie Gin, who came with him…telling them again that Sgt Marcus Galwatty wanted to see them, urgently. Kizziar told Eddie of what he had found out about a diseases that seemed fast spreading, much to the young lads horror, and agreed that Eddie could come to stay with them. When Kizziar and Eddie got back to the base, they found Jalumm already showing the early rash around the eyes of the dieases. kizziar told Jalumm and left immediately to go see the Field Marshal.

Gideon had arrived at the Field Marshal’s already and had talked to her. They had shared information. and she had stressed strongly he meet with Sgt Galwatty, as he had gotten an ehrenrood forcing him to fight and she needed to keep every able bodied guardsman alive, let alone someone with Galwatty’s experience. She also told him that there had been a couple more murders in East Shore and some similar deaths in Old Korvosa. She also mentioned a messenger had brought a sealed scroll tube for Gideon.

Upon opening it he found that a note from Blackjack asked their groups assistance in getting Trinia Sabor out of Korvosa. Gideon kept that one close to his chest when asked by The Field Marshal.

Gideon, Kizziar and eddie gin went to meet Sgt Galwatty at Shoreline Drinkhall and found out that his Ehrenrood had his name and Opie Hardbar’s etched on it in burnt wood., forcing them to fight in 4 days time. sgt Galwatty asked for their help in investigating it, since he didnt have the authority any longer tnad they had authority that even exceeded a Watchouse Captain’s He suggested they look into the following leads-

1. Mona Memy who owns an Inthoso Den in East Shore and is a known bookie on the fights.

2. Tyler Fetch a Varisian Vagrant who does odd jobs for folks and brought the Ehrenrood to Sgt Galwatty.

3. Lt Nodwin d’Aurel, who had been Marcus’ right hand man before the fight club got out of hand, then He had deserted and has not turned up since. he is known to be personal friends with the retired adventurer Sir Albrecht Lunari who frequents Shoreline Drinkhall, where Galwatty met them.

4. Gentleman Jimmy Gems, who had a gambling house that Sgt Galwatty’s men shut down before he was demoted. Jimmy Gems could have an axe to grind. Jimmy Gems has contacts with House Arabasti’s Count Dalarus, who owns a house of ill repute in East Shore

5. Finally- Opie Hardbar has been involved in no less than 3 of the fights that brought about the death of Guard Officers….why does he keep being chosen?

Kizziar, Eddie and Gideon Shoreline Drinkhall and headed back to their place to get some rest…

Jalumm left to search out Malfurin late in the evening and saw Ersta Bedlid leaving his office. He also felt as if he was being watched. Looking around he saw a blind shut on a two story building across the way. Malfurin was very indignant about being bothered late at night, and denied Ersta having been there. He refused to help and was rude overcharging the desperate Jalumm, who, when it appeared he was going to be short to purchase a health restorative, went to offer up the magic dagger he had gotten in the cache of weapons obtained ny the All The Worlds Meat deserters; but found that he just could not let it go ……

Angry, Jalumm left and went to confront the home owner across the way, only to find an old woman who had no idea what he was talking about…..He also retuned back to his base to sleep til morning…

The next moring arrived with any attempts to use mundane means to heal Brienna failing….not only that but Tayce seems to have fallen ill as well……

With one of their own ill and the disease obviously very quick spreading and a host of things that needed attending to, what will the party do?

Session Experience: 3200 (800 each) Total: 12,344 Next Level: 15,000


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