The Road To The Crimson Throne

Seven Days to the Grave: A Ship in The Night

or Strange things are afoot

Returning from the strange events at the ‘hanging’, which turned into something entirely else, the group decided not to do anything right away but just wait until morning to approach Field Marshal Kroft.

In the wee hours of the morning an explosion rocked the night of Korvosa and Gideon, Jalumm and Kizziar went to investigate, Aldlara deciding she would wait until morning…

A ship with one lantern hanging in the window was sinking mid river from multiple strikes of boulders tossed by catapults on the watch towers manned by the Gray Wardens. no move was being made to pull the few crew members from the water, though a few could be seen going ashore in old Korvosa and Trails End.

Gideon flew down on Swiftwing to Trails End and his attempts to secure a crewman was rebuffed by the Sklar-Quah Shoanti Tribesman that had them.

the Guardsman of the Gray Wardens had said they had been ordered to fire on the vessel and sink it. The orders coming from the highest authority….

In the morning, the group had approached The Field Marshal and been told the attempted coup of the monarchy by Sable company had been tuned around and now the remnants of sale Company have fled Korvosa and are in hiding. The Queens forces have occupied The Great Tower.

Blackjack was no wanted for Treason and a search was going on for Trinia and he, but so far nothing was discovered.

The queen also mentioned That demoted Captain Galwatty had been the latest Chelaxian to receive an Ehrenrood calling him out to a deathmatch with a Shoanti Barbarian of known repute, and he was asking for help.

The group decided to meet with Galwatty after they investigated the sunken ship. Even after hearing from Eddie Gin as well That Marcus Galwatty was asking for help…

Obtaining a rowboat they went late in the morning to the vicinity they had seen the ship sinking in and dropped an anchor into the deep river and made their way down into the depths utilizing magicks to allow breathing underwater cast by Aldlara. They lift Aldlara’s friend psuedo-dragon in the boat with their heavier gear while they began to search.

The group became separated in the murky depths of the river and Aldalra came upon the aft section of the ship by chance, where it was brken off from the rest by a large chucnk of undersea rock formation. She began to search around inside, disturbing a nest of silt eels which assaulted her. a few minor wounds later and the next mostly slain, she was startled by Jalumm who had found her and almost gotten himself skewered in hi attempt to make his presence known.

Meanwhile kizziar found the other half of the ship and moved up to one of the holes made by the catapult only to be greeted by a Blue Shark, which closed on him as he swam away. The Shark had come out of the ships hold.

Gideon came to Kizziar’s defense and severely injured the shark, which turned out to be the animal companion of an undersea druid who had come to investigate the ships sinking herself. recognizing her as being a member of the race of Sea Hags that plumbed the ocean depths, they prepared to defend themselves, just as they saw jalumm and Aldlara swim into sight….

Sitting’s Experience: 600 each. Total: 11,544


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