The Road To The Crimson Throne

Seven Days to the Grave

The Plague Rats

The party gathers in Thieves Camp where they hold an interrogation of Narris Devane, and after some testy moments he shares who hired him from The Red Mantis and what their goal was. To Kill Zeeva Foxglove, before she could help in the discovery of a cure for the Plague, and as a side mission to enter the Shrine and obtain its treasure. It also came out That They had planned to go to the old dilapidated Porphyria Mansion to get to the reputed treasure out of its hidden vaults.

Narris told them of several of the key players who are involved in the Plague conspiracy and that they all reside together at one location. The Necromancer Rolth, A Vampire Lord named Ramoska Arkminos who is from Ustilav. A Priestess of Urgathoa named Lady Andasin. He talked of a ship that had docked in Ilzamagorti to get the death coffers from The Red Mantis and how it had Chelaxian papers. He also said there was someone within the Nobility of Korvosa that was backing the endeavors…..and of course signs seem to point to General Uril Krakon of exiled House Porhyria.

Narris obtained his freedom with his forthrightness and left out of Thieves Camp heading north.

The group then undertook their original goal of assaulting the Plague Rats Gang in their hide-away in the sewers. A very difficult battle ensued and almost saw the group falling to Girrigz and his followers. But they managed to win the day and they discovered the Wererat gang was well funded ……

From there the group went back to Green market and talked to Zeeva uncovering what she knew about Blood Veil. She agreed to go to the Temple of Saranrae and assist them in developing a cure….but first she would help them penetrate the defenses of the warded Shoanti Shrine,….

Sessions Experience: 2864 each. Total:23,298 Next Level: 35,000


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