The Road To The Crimson Throne

Seven Days to The Grave

The Green Market Part I

The party watched as Carowyn Manor burned to the ground even though the citizens rallied to try and put out the fires, the best they could do was keep it from spreading.

Turning Young Ausio over to A Priest from the Pantheon of The Many, they headed back towards the exit from South Shore, only to find the crowd in front of The Green market turning uglier. A riot was about to ensue as several thugs lead by some sort of arcanist were advancing on Zeeva Foxglove, proprietor and reputed witch.

Coming to her defense the party was suddenly confronted with the fact they were facing members of The Red Mantis Society, Mercenary Assassins who hail from Ilzamagorti. Beating of the attack they manage to capture the Leader Narris Devane and befriend Zeeva,

Heading back to take out the Plague Rats, the band goes to Citadel Volshyeneck first. with the intent of turning over Narris to Field Marshal Kroft. Their plan is thwarted when A squad of Gray Maidens and the newly appointed Plague Doctors of Korvosa arrive and demand to get custody of the Red Mantis Leader as someone who they have suspicions of being involved with those that started the plague.

Some quick thinking and Narris is hustled out invisibly with Gideon on Swiftwing and a different criminal is brought forward as a replacement…Though its easy to see Doctor Davaulus knows this isnt the person, he cannot confront the party about it because how would he explain he knew what the real leader looked like….

Sessions Experience: 1900 each. Total:20,434 Next Level: 23,000


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